I help startups and small businesses start up.Ā 

My online courses teach practical frameworks for small businesses & entrepreneurs. No get rich quick scams here, just tried and true methods for building successful busineses.

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A little about me...

I believe that small towns, small cities and rust belt communities have the power to re-write their story and transform themselves at the intersection of entrepreneurship and community… I’m seeing that happen in my hometown of Utica, NY where I am the Director of the thINCubator – a local incubator and co-working facility where I’ve worked with over 400 entrepreneurs and want-repreneurs (folks who WANT to start a venture but don’t know how to get started).

Through advising, mentoring and teaching I’ve developed online versions of my programs to give you a strong foundation and tactical skills you need to be successful in your business.

I also know that small businesses need great websites, AND marketing strategies and a great story to make them stand out in the marketplace, and I can handle your website build from start to finish.

And I’m passionate about working with communities who want to empower creatives, artists and entrepreneurs to build a better future. If you’re part of a municipality, educational institution or company that is serious about making change happen, I’d love to help.

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